Regulatory, Licensing & Accreditation Consulting

  • Mock Surveys
  • Corrective Action Plans
  • Quality, Risk Management, Infection Control - Assessments & Programs
  • Education & Training 
  • Comprehensive Systemic Analysis (Root Cause) 
  • Policies and Procedure Review & Development 

Facility, Safety, Security & Asset Management Services

  • Life Safety Code Compliance Consulting
  • Utility Management
  • Environment of Care Management
  • Equipment & Bio-medical Equipment Management
  • Emergency Management & Disaster Response Services

Consulting, Contract & Temporary Staffing Solutions

  • Clinical Performance Transformation
  • Administrative Positions
  • Leadership Resources
  • Facilities and Support Services Skilled Staff
  • HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing & High-pressure Steam operators

Culinary, Food & Nutrition Services

  • Kitchen & Cafeteria Design and Equipment Consulting
  • Coaching, Training & Implementation Hotel Type Services
  • Budget & Quality Accountability
  • Streamlined Processes
  • Hands-on Management

Capital, Construction & Project Management Support

  • State Health and Planning Department Improvements Liaison (CA – CDPH/ OSHPD)
  • Owner’s Rep for Strategic & Master Planning Implementation
  • Architectural Services/Life Safety Drawings
  • Construction Inspection and IOR Services


A proven team that understands healthcare quality, safety, regulations, and sustainability. Whether it's scheduled work, or emergency response, our skilled staff want to make it easy.

Do these issues resonate with you?

  • - Inspections or deficiencies with CMS, Department of Health, TJC, State and/or County?
  • - Is your organization struggling with patient satisfaction, including HCAHPS?
  • - Does your management team want to be more effective?
  • - Are your programs stimulating organizational strength?
  • - Do your staff have adequate training, feel empowered and enthusiastic?
  • - Are patients/residents reflecting the enthusiasm of empowered employees?
  • - Do you need support that will improve long-term planning and sustainability?


Our mission is to deliver quality services, by embracing servant leadership that cultures a ‘pay it forward’ family of highly valued, innovative, talented and fulfilled people, who create the sustainable, safe and caring experience.

  • Providence Healthcare CEO
    My recommendation for Healthcare experienced consultants, staffing and operational resources for Accreditation, Regulation, Licensing, OSHPD, surveys, risk assessments, gap analysis, projects, education, implementation with policies & procedures, etc.
    Providence Healthcare CEO
    Providence Healthcare
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