Culinary Services (cont.)

Culinary Master Class

We have created this program to introduce the employees to a world of culinary techniques that enhance the look and change the face of the patient/resident expectation. The “WOW factor” happens when the plate cover comes off and the patient/resident plate and see his meal for the first time and the reaction is “WOW, this looks awesome!!!

Our team includes professional coaches and teachers focusing on:

  • Flavors, colors and textures
  • Garnishing
  • Presentation and proper plating
  • Serving hot food hot and cold food cold
  • Patient /resident engagement
  • Address, interpret, analyze and improve Press Ganey scores.

Change typically causes resistance within staff members if they do not know why change is happening. Red E Services builds on what is currently working well and then works with staff and leadership to improve operations together as a team, raising the bar to improve the level of quality and service you need to be competitive.

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